Changing Input Order

We use Financials version 2.01b. We have a simple and probably silly questions. How do you change the input order on an existing form? When we are entering data, use of the tab key jumps us around all over the place and we would like to change the order. None of us are expert users, but surely this is easy to change. I see how it is done using the wizard making a new form, but no clue on an existing form. Thanks,

You can use the NextControl property to move to which ever field you like. sean

Thanks for the quick reply Sean, I will check it out.[8D]

I should add something to Sean and JohnT’s replies: you probably will need to have your Solution Center’s programmers change the NextControl settings. I do not know if you change this setting with the Form Designer, but even you can, you probably shouldn’t :slight_smile: What often happens is that boxes get moved around during the customization phase, with the result that the NextControl settings point to the box which USED to be just below/to the right of a given box, not the one which now is “just before” it.