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Im trying to set up an Item so that any planned Purchase Order will only be delivered (Planned PO > Delivery date) on any dates I set in the Vendor calendar as “Open” (Calendar>Control=Open). I want to set the Lead time for the Item / Vendor combination on the Purchase Trade Agreement. But Ax keeps insisting on a Planned PO Delivery Date when the Vendor Calendar says that date is Closed.


Master Planning Parameters>Planned orders>Find Trade Agreements is ticked. I have a Purchase TA of type Account Code “Table” for the Vendor with a Lead time of 4 days (Delivery>Lead time - bottom part of form). The Item>References>Vendor is . The Item>Quantity>Purchase order>Lead Time = 0. The Vendor has a calendar set against them where Control=Open for Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday only (closed Monday, Friday and Saturday). . The Item is in a Coverage Group with a calendar set against it of <working times = open 24*7>.

What am I doing wrong? My intention was to say “This Vendor can only deliver on a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday” (via the Vendor calendar) and has a lead time of 4 days. E.g. I need a delivery on Tuesday. today is the previous Thursday. Thursday + 4 = Monday. Vendor cant deliver on a Monday according to the calendar set against the Vendor therefore the Planned PO delivery date is set to the next date the Vendor calendar indicates they can i.e. Tuesday.

I set this up after reading…/892898. I cant use a Vendor set against the Item in combination with using the Item PO Lead time as we can have more than one Vendor at any given time for an order. Therefore only upon selection of the Vendor for the Planned PO can the Lead Time be picked up from the Purchase TA and applied via changing the Delivery Date to the next date the Vendor calendar says they can deliver including Lead Time on Pucrh TA.

All this assumes time fences are adequate.


Should have said this is AX 4


For the benefit of others, I dont believe the calendar set against a Vendor (Purchase calendar) works in AX 4 for the purposes of specifying the days of the week or dates a Vendor can deliver goods. From investigations it appears you have to apply calendars against Coverage Groups with the resultant increase in the number of Coverage Groups you have and the affect of having to change Coverage Groups when you change Vendor.

Hi Brian

You can get it to work but it is cumbersome and I do not recommend it - it is what you have found with teh calendar by coverage group, which only works on a 1:1 vendor relationship to the coverage group.

I discussed it here 18 months ago: I have also discussed it on a number of other occassions in the forum.