How does AX handle the Vendor calendar in combination with Coverage group calendar?


I am trying to set up master planning in AX for on-order items. I am having problems with the delivery and order date Master planning suggest me. If i have a vendor where I order every wednesday for delivery next monday, can anybody tell me what to fill in the vendor and coverage group calendar? I tried alot of combinations but I cant seem to find the right settings. I am also very confused about the combination of the vendor and coverage group calendar.

Another question : I have items where I tell my customers it will arrive within 60 days. I change the sales lead time to 60 days. The salesorder is created with ATP enabled and the delivery date is set for +60 days. I run master planning, order that item and the delivery is already after 20 days. Can AX automatically update the delivery date of the salesorder to +20 days?

Kind of been here before haven’t we? [:D]

The princeiple is still the same, you need a coverage group with a Monday calendar attached in the item coverage for the item and you must not have a default vendor set on the item card, so you must have trade agreements. The vendor in the trade agreement must also reference the same calendar.

AX does not automatically set the delivery date, but I do not understand your paragraph.

Hi Adam,
Unfortunately I’ve never got it to work, so I am trying again:

  • I removed the default vendor from the item
  • I atteched a coverage group to the item with a monday calendar
  • I changed the vendor calendar to monday
  • I’ve set up a trade agreement with the vendor with a leadtime of 3 days

Whenever I run master planning, it gives me an order date of 29-8 and a delivery date of 5-9. It looks like AX forces the order date to also be on monday.

Where is the problem?

I believe that if you select the working days flag it would treat the 3 days as 3 weeks (every Monday) non then it orders and delivers on the restricted days. This was my testing in 4, pretty sure it has not changed but it was a long time ago. Basically test it, see what it does and either log it with MS or resolve it.