AX 2012 - how to use Purchase calendar for a vendor of subcontracted work?

We have a number of routes/BOMs where subcontracted work is included. So when productions of such items are firmed AX is automatically creating the corresponding PO (for the subcontracted work). But these PO’s do not respect the purchase calendar for the given vendor. Eg. if a purchase calendar is open on Tuesdays and Fridays only - we would prefer all PO’s to be created for delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays only. But this seems not to be the case - the PO dates seems to be controlled purely by the route…

As it is much easier to maintain a purchase calendar than a lot of individual routes - we would very much prefer to handle this issue via purchase calendar…

Have any of you found a way to control it by the purchase calendar?

Inputs from you are very welcome. Thanks in advance…

Set the item coverage calendar against the item to be the same as the calendar of the vendor.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your feedback which I understand and will try out. But it requires that I have to establish a new item model group and move all the items to that given group.

I had hoped that there was a way to put the vendor calendar in power and let that rule it…

you do not need new item model groups, just the item coverage settings need changing to align with the vendor calendar.

Ups - I wrote it wrongly. But I got you point. Thanks.

And where do I set the lead-time for the sub-contracted service?

It seems not working if the lead-time is set in default order setting in the service item.

And if setting the lead-time as times (queue time before, run time, transit time or queue time after) in the route the PO it is showing the start date of the subcontracting operation - instead of the end date of the operation (=when the service item should be delivered).

How do I handle the lead-time of the service item?

Our route is typically like this:

10 cut steel

20 deliver to external (warehouse to pick and send item to vendor)

30 external processing (=sub-contracting) [service item in BOM is marked as line type: vendor)

I believe it is the routing time that gave you this, but you are saying the delivery time is the start of the operation not the end? Are you connecting this to the operation and flushing at start (in case that impacts)?

Yes, the delivery date of the service item in the PO is showing start date of the external processing (=operation 30 in above example) - no matter if the service item is set with flushing principles at finish (which is the right one in this case) or at start.

But the PO should show the finish date = date when the subcontractor shall deliver the service item.

How to do this?

I dont believe there is any setting to configure this - it may simply be an issue with the code - can you get a developer to look at it and tell you why it is stating the operation start date is the delivery date of the service PO?