Items on order

I have a question regarding “on order” items.

Some items I sell are only on order. I purchase them every wednesday so if a client orders them before wednesday, the delivery date is next week. If the client order that item on thursday, they have to wait a week extra. Sometimes I skip a week and they have to wait a week longer.

Whats the best way to configure this with the help of master planning? It would be great if on wednesday i run a master planning for that specific vendor so it shows me what items to order and the quantity (combined of all customer orders) so i could make a purchase order. I also would like to know how to configure the delivery date so if a customer place an order (for stock items) for next day delivery, and also an " on order" item, the delivery date of the " on order" item is automatically calculated for example next week.

Thanks in advance.

There is no great way to configure this as there is a lot of human intervention - you may skip a week is not something AX will know.

Assuming you run planning daily I would set up a 10 day purchase leadtime for the item, then I would configure an item coverage group specifically for the item and tie it to a calendar delivering only on a Wednesday, this would get you as close to an ordering profile as possible. I would have a sales leadtime of 10 days on the item and instruct sales if there is stock they can pull in the leadtime on the item for the customer.

I’m sorry I forgot to mention that I order the items on wednesday, I receive them the next week on monday (transport time), then I deliver in that same week.

Why do you only order on a Wednesday? No real difference it is a Monday delivery calendar only, unless of course they can deliver anyday - then the question is why are you setting up a process that restricts you and hinders customer delivery.

Because it comes from another country so there is a long transport time.

The items are only on order because they are fresh items with a date of expiration.

That is completely irrelevant - you are saying you can only order them on ONE day of the week, why? There can be delivery restrictions, but nothing restricts your order date except you - it can work backwards from a delivery day and lead time but these are all calculables - your issue is the restriction and the lack of ordering process. If you ran planning every day it would work fine in my opinion.

I can order every day of the week, but I order on the latest possible order date for delivery next week, that is wednesday. It doesnt make sense ordering on another day because in the meanwhile if I get new customer orders with an on order item, i have to make a second purchase order.

Reason I can only order on wednesday is because the goods come from another country and to let the goods arrive as fresh as possible, they will be transported during the weekend for delivery monday in my warehouse.

Anyway, are these steps correct?

  1. Attach Monday calendar to vendor
  2. Set Coverage group for that item on Requirement and Purchase leadtime on 5 days
  3. Set InventItemSalesSetup → Salesleadtime to 10 days
  4. Run master planning for that vendor on wedsneday and place the purchase order

You can run it every day and it would work backwards from the exepected delivery and suggest you order it next wedensday if you set it up correctly.

I would say no the setup is not correct.

You need a coverage group with a Monday calendar attached in the item coverage for the item and you must not have a default vendor set on the item card, so you must have trade agreements. The vendor in the trade agreement must also reference the same calendar. The sales leadtime is debateable, but you can try 10 days, and you run planning every day for the vendor, you just do not firm it until the order date is today.

I cannot attach a calendar in the item coverage. I do have a license for master planning, not for wms 2. What do I need to setup a calendar in the item coverage setup?

You do not need WMS 2, to my knowledge, it is on the overview of the item coverage card, you have code, description and calendar. Without this capability you cannot set AX to deliver on set days in this manner.

Unfortunately I dont see these options. I will check this with our partner.


I think… Your problem can be resolved by using Available to promiss on sales order entry.

Then you can run Master Shceduling once a week on Wed, and firm the PO on that day as well.

You may also want to do order reserve so that the PO which is placed on Wed is not available for SO afterwards.

Then… when you key in SO from Thu, they are “On order”, plus ATP will push the delivery date to next week (but you don’t know which day)

Hope this help

Thanks, could you tell me where I can find the fields to configure avaiable to promiss?

Sales Ledger Parameters - Shipments Tab - Delivery Control field group.

At the moment I have Delivery Control set to Delivery Time and I’ve set the customer calendars on the day they receive the order, so if i create a new sales order i can automatically choose the right delivery day for the customer.

Now like i’ve said before some items are only on order items.

I see that I can configure per item (at items->setup->default ordersettings under the tab sales) another delivery date control.

For example, if I set for a specific item the delivery time on 20 days and the delivery control on Sales lead time. If i create a salesline for that item, the delivery date is automatically set to +20 days. If i receive the items lets say after 10 days, how can I tell AX to change the delivery date of that item to 11 days instead of 20days?

You do not need it to change - what is your picking process? For example looking 2 weeks ahead in the release sales order picking would pick this and let you ship it. The issue then comes with early shipment not required.

99% of our items are stock items. We deliver 99% of our orders with our own trucks. We call our clients on fixed dates for fixed delivery dates, mostly we call them 1/2 days before there fixed delivery date. The day before shipment we post the picking slip. Later we register it with the right quantity. In the morning, we book the packing slips. For these orders, the shipment date is also the delivery date.

I do have some items wich I explained before that are only on order. So if a client orders on stock and on order items, I deliver the on stock items for example the next day, and the on order items I order them from our vendors. The next time the client makes an order with on-stock items, I want to add the on-order items to the order (only if they are delived by our vendor).

Ideally is that i set a longer delivery date for the on-order items and process the on-stock items for picking slip and delivery next day. Then later with master planning I gather all the orders and post 1 purchase order for the vendor. If I received them, I want to run some sort of batch so the delivery date of the on-order items will be as early as possible but within the customer calendar.

Then you need to modify the system to do this.


That’s why I suggested the ATP instead of Sales lead time.

You certainly did, not sure why I have my wires crossed here, however with ATP that should work so the question then is why he using sales lead time and not ATP?