Purchase Calendar

Can anybody explain me whats the use of the purchase calendar and what days I 
should link on each vendor? Is it the delivery dates or the order dates, or 

It sets the delivery date, working the order date backwards from the leadtime. so If they only deliver on mondays and thursdays it picks the delivery day to meet demand. If you are using planning however there are other considerations as per my previous posts, so use the search.

I cannot find your previous post. Could you link me to it?

And it was a reply to you I previously posted [:D]


Aaah :slight_smile: thanks


I’m vaguely familiar with purchase calendar. Can I set up the delivery dates 6 days from the PO Confirmation?

Can you please tell me how?


You can setup an item with a lead time of 6 days. As this is a confirmation question is this AX2012?

Yes, I am currently implementing AX 2012 and trying to find a way on how to set the delivery dates 6 days from PO confirmation. I’m not sure I get the answer,can you please elaborate?