Salesorders and ATP

When a customer places an order, we deliver it with our own trucks. The shipping date and the customer receipt date is the same date as we load everything in the morning and the empty truck comes back in the evening.

We have fixed routes, so on monday we deliver certain clients in a specific region, tuesday in another and so on. We deliver some clients multiple days a week. We have fixed days, on monday we call the clients for delivery tuesday , tuesday for delivery wednesday and so on.

I have customers attached to a receipt calendar (with the days the customer is open and can receive goods) and i use the delivery mode as a type of routecode, wich I attach trough the calendar with the default shipping days (so if a customer has a fixed route on tuesday and thursday, the delivery mode is 2/4 and the calendar attached is tuesday/thursday. Somestimes it happends that the customer wants something on friday, I use then the delivery mode : extra delivery wich has a basic calendar (monday trough friday)

With this system I have problems when a client orders an “on order” items. For example, some Items from a specific brand I order every wednesday, I receive it on monday and can ship it from tuesday. I want AX to automatically calculate the avaiable shipping/receipt date. Sometimes the vendor delivers a day late. Can AX automatically update to another shipping date?

Other “on order” items I order them once in a month or 2 months. I thought of using a 60 days sales lead time on these items. Is there a way to automatically adjust the shipping/delivery date to the customer if I receive the items before the 60 days?

Please let me know how I should handle these situations.

Thanks in advance.


You could do part of this through planning and the calendar impact and limitations have been discussed on here. As for the delivery slippage and movement you would be able to ship it early if you used the release order picking, because it would have it, the late ones you would be told by planning when you updated the confirmed receipt date on the purchase order. As you are using ATP this shoudl work if the lead times are configured correctly, not sure the sales lead time would but not a configuration I have really looked at.