User Portal from Navision Attain 3.10 problem

Hi everybody! I had installed without problems User Portal for Navision Financials 260. Nevertheless, I’ve installed the actual version for Navision Attain 3.10. The installation has finnished OK following the installation manual PDF but, at last, when I try to enter the site, I receive this error (translating from spanish): The automation server can’t create the object. /Factory/DashboardAdmin.js line 169. The error line corresponds to Digital Dashboard active-x control load. I have verified the permissions of I.I.S., Explorer 6 navigator and directories. All correct (with permissions for all users). I believe Digital Dashboard is correctly configured. My O.S. is W2K Server (S.P. 2) without active directory. Any idea? Thanks in advance. Rafa

Hi Rafa, UPAS runs on Windows Login. In order to use Windows Login in W2K, you need to install Active Directory. You needn’t make this Server Domain Controller but u need ADS. I’ve installed successfully and didn’t get any error. 1.Did u create shortcut and put it in startup?(as per documentation) 2.Is it up and running on Windows Login when u r trying to open the UP site. Regards

Hi Is <msddsc.dll> correctly registered? Did you try to run <regsvr32.exe msddsc.dll>? Toni

I think I saw in a known issues document for 3.10 that there was issues with user and commerce portal if installing on a machine with IE6.0, they recommended IE5.5 SP2, i have tried that on my machine, but still gets an error like this when accesing the user portal site. Dashboard Error (404) Resource Not Found Source: store.vbs Anyone seen this before?

Hi! Thanks for your replies. Toni, I’ve registered the DLL (file CAB in Factory directory had not been decompressed in the installation!!) with regsvr32, but, now my problem is different. The actual error is: Dashboard error (70) Permission denied in I.E. 6.0. From another PC with I.E. 5.5, the error message is the same of mjanum: (404) Resource not found. Is it really necessary Active Directory in W2K Server for User Portal 3.10? (Mohammad: Yes!, I’m running UPAS in Windows Login). Thanks!

Hi Did you rerun InstallDashboards.js after registering the dll? Run it with the debug parameter on and look at the generated log. It may be a permission problem in IIS. Toni

Hi Rafa, check the following: 1. UPAS must be running when you are trying to connect to the UP Site? 2. From which PC are you trying to connect? Eg. On Same Machine as UP is installed or another machine on the network. 3. Path you are typing to access from site? Eg.http://localhost/factory -if accessing from the machine on which UP is installed http://compname/factory - if from another machine. 4. Also make sure that MS SQL Option for UPAS is running on Server Machine under Admin. A/c always. Eg. Windows\Administrator when checked thru’ File–>Database–>Info. 5. Administrator must be given SUPER Access. 6. Is Administrator assigned activity centers in GL–>Setup–>User Portal Setup? Regards

Well! At last, I’ve installed all from begining and works correctly. The only difference between the first installation and this one is MS Internet Explorer. The installation was made now on version 5 instead of 6. I don’t know if exists any problem due to it! Thanks for your help. Rafa Edited by - rafa_marius on 2002 Jul 09 08:24:46

Hi Yes, there seems to be a problem if the IIS machine has IE6 due to the xml dll. IE6 uses msxml3.dll, but the factory scripts use msxml.dll… It seems that IE6 regsiters msxml3.dll and forces to use it. So, do not use IE6 in the IIS machine. Toni Edited by - Toni Lou on 2002 Jul 09 15:38:26