user portal setup

i have some problems installing and running UserPortal: i follow all the installation instructions (and all seems to be right) but when i try to view the dashboards i get the following error: Dashboard Error (404) Resource Not Found Source: store.vbs any idea about why? (UP seems not to be able to write to the Dashboard directory!!)

Hi, What Windows do you use??? Windows 2000 server??? I had the same problem (same error) last week with Win2000. You must install user portal without any windows SP, and then install sp1, sp2 etc. That was my solution. May be anybody have another solution. I’am very interested, because i have my test server with the same error today, and dont want to reinstall everything. RGDS Gedas

You don’t have enough permisions on inetpub\wwwroot\dashboards and factory directory. User portal must create additionl subdirectories during instalation and later during normal work and the best way to enable this is that you give group everyone change permisions to that directories.

Not true. I’m administrator on whole computer. I did all c disk everybody full control. I get all permisions to IIS. Nothing help. This is instalation problem - i think. RGDS Gedas

i resolved exactly as gedas says, installing win2k without any sp in that way user portal (sp2) was installed with no problem. now i have another question: the standard SALES activity center shows some errors on the client side (permission denied) but only in certain situations (sure with ie 6.0) has anyone meet the same problems?

yes, IE 6 get some error again IE 5. Very strange: for example it does’n work with “Navision ® Software”, it does’n understand “registered sign” simbol. I deleted it and no more problems. So i understand one thing: if we need User portal we need very good knowledger in IIS,ASP, HTML,XML…etc. because we must correct all MS and NS errors:-)

Actually it is permissions. We have found that an ID assigned to the Administrators group doesn’t necessarily have permissions to do the WebDAV publishing that sets up the Dashboards tree. You need to log in as “Administrator” when you run InstallDashboard.js. If you want to be able to see what it does, open DashboardAdmin.js in the Factory directory. Seach for “// *** Debugging ***” and change the value of “debugMode” to true. Also, search for “function MainEntry(doInstall)” and make sure the path for the log files actually exists.