Is User Portal works on Navision 3.70 ?

I have 1. installed Navision Client on Server 2. installed Navision Database Server 3. installed Navision Application Server 4. linked Navision Application Server to Navision Database Server 5. create and setup a shortcut fin.exe for User Portal Application Server. 6. installed C/Front 3.70 7. installed Microsoft Digital DashBoard 8. installed User Portal 9. Setup User Portal by adding default user and assigned Task and Web Part for the user. 10. Configure the IIS and i also see the folders like Dashboards, Factory, NSWebParts After these steps above, i go to IE and browse the web site like http://myserver/factory/login.asp to login. But unable to login. i have a few questions that 1. After all these installing and setting, what should i do next? Should i go to Digital Dashboard Resource Kit 2.0 to setup and configure properties ? After setting the Digital Dashboard Resource what should i do next in order to get into those pages like Sales Web pages ? 2. Is User Portal works on Navision 3.70 ? Or i should use Navision 3.60 ? Please guide me to setup a User Portal. Thanks ! And Marry Christmas to all of you ! :smiley:

I’m using the 3.70 executables with User Portal on my Win2000 Server workstation. I have one database that has the 3.60 User Portal objects and another with the 3.10 User Portal objects. For your installation I’d make sure you’ve followed all of the steps as closely as possible. What OS are your running and what version of Internet Explorer is the IIS machine running? Django