Has Anyone worked with User Portal

Hi Friends, Can any one tell me about the User Portal in Navision 3.7. (1) About Installation. (2) How to use. etc.

We’ve used it. It can be difficult to set up and the biggest problem is that the IIS machine cannot have IE 6 installed on it. IE 6 introduces some security changes that stops the User Portal from working properly. Also - User Portals aren’t supported anymore. We’re supposed to be seeing something new from Navision in April of 2005 [:(]. We looked at a product from Digital Vantage Point called Transaction Manager that turned the NAS into an XML processing engine. There’s no framework like what User Portal offers but you have way way more control and flexibility with Transaction Manager than with User Portals. Good luck! Django

Use Windows Terminal Services instead. It is a great tool and easy to install.

I agree. Terminal Server or Citrix would be idea except for the cost. One of our clients has 40+ users on User Portals concurrently. That would be very costly in terms of having multiple servers in a farm and a high number of sessions. In addition one of our UP clients can allow their customers to log into the UP and view restricted sets of data. A TS or Citrix solution lets the customers too far into the network for the client’s comfort level. Cheers! Django

i have installed it .but i am getting some problem with automation server. When i am opening the main page then there is an error coming due to javascript. I am working on that error and i think that i would solve it soon. if any one has idea why the automation server error.plz reply me.

What is the error message that you are receiving and what are the specification of the IIS machine you are using? Django