User Portal 3.10

Hello everyone, I was installing User Portal, everything went smooh Navision attain Server, C/Front, Dashboard & User Portal, no problems at all but, when i double click on the User Portal Icon, I get an error “Navision Attain has not been set up to allow you to use Windows login. Contact your system manager.” well the client is running with parameter ntauthentication=yes, i can login with this NT authentication to Navision but not with User Portal. Any ideas ??? thanx for your time Vishal

Check in the file there is a constant called UseNTAuthentication this must be set to 1 for the UPAS to use nt authentication

Hi Simon, I have checked the file which did not have a constant UseNTAuthentication, i have added this constant to the file but theres no progress, im still getting the same error. Anything else that im missing… Regards