User Portal 3.60 with hotfix 11 - installation

I start UPAS with the following parameters: ““C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client” servername=VANDEV, company=“CRONUS Canada, Inc.”, NTAuthentication=Yes, runasupas” As soon as I have a database user defined in the database, it would not open a company without a database login. Question1: How can you start UPAS with windows authentication? Question2: How can you see that the Navision Client is running as UPAS? I am getting the error: “The User Portal Application Server cannot be found”. I looked at Const stPipeName = “//./Pipe/UserPortalPipe” according to the documentation, but I could not find the Pipe directory anywhere. Question3: Am I missing something? I followed instructions from the User Portal Installation guide. Thank you, Carmen

FYI… Hotfix 11 package does not include all the info. needed to implement it. There is a document called “User Portal via Internet” that gives more specific setup info. on how to apply DB Authentication via TCP Sockets. If you cannot find it on the partner site, I can send it to you. Carmen