Upgrade process and ISV solutions (Addons)


I’m learning about how to do a upgrade from NAV 2009 to NAV 2013. I have a question regarding any ISV-solutions that might be included in the upgrade. From what I understand you should have 3 versions


Should the NEWBASE include any ISV Addons or when should these be merged into the solution?

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Peter Elmqvist

Are the Addon’s included in OLDCustom or they are new?

If they are new, you can start with NEWBASE and after completion of upgrade you can merge Addon’s again…

Both I’m afraid. The addons are included in the OLDCustom but for NAV 2013 the addon has been redesigned to be a separate granule. The code is still more or less the same.

What I’m trying to figure out is if it’s necessary to do a text merge of the addon. For example let’s assume that the NEWCustom (without the addon) will contain modifications in table 18. Then I try to merge the objects from the addon which also include modifications in table 18. To my knowledge the import function in NAV does not handle code, only fields. Would it in this case be best to two 2 merge using for example Beyond Compare, or should I add the Addon into the NEWBase and merge my modifications into those objects?