Best practice for upgrading to NAV 2013 with Mergetool?

Previously when I have been doing upgrades it has always been best practice to import both the old standard version, the old custom version and the new standard version into the same client, so that the text files you exported would have the exact same “layout”.

But since we can no longer import old versions of FOB’s into 2013, then this method is no longer useable. Or is it?

What is the best practice for upgrading from NAV 2009 R2 to NAV 2013 using Mergetool? Not so much in terms of the steps to do (they are more or less as they have always been), but in terms of how to export the text files we need to import into Mergetool for the compare?

You are right about the NAV 2013 changes to the versions, but to get around this can the Mergetool now export with Code conversion to and from NAV 2013. With this “pre-processing” of the NAV 2013 source code can merges be done without additional merges based on the changes for NAV 2013 source code.

Hi Erik,

Good Morning,

I have recently done 3 Migration from NAV 2009 R2 (IN, W1, GB) to NAV 2013. And i have not find any trouble for doing it.

I have followed below steps.

  1. Downloaded MergeTool from Mibuso.

  2. Import in NAV 2009 R2 Base.

  3. Make NAV 2009 R2 Object Compatible with NAV 2013.

  4. Created 3 Version as per Manual given by MergeTool.

  5. Done Manual Merge and Automatic Merge.

  6. Import Merged Text file on NAV 2013 Base. and Compole.

And i have also done Migration for Russia, Belgium, UK, Australia, India from 3.6 to 2009 R2 using MergeTool.

Let me know how do i help you.

Hi Per,

How do I set this “pre-processing”? I saw it as part of the Export (with or without NAV7 Code Conversion) - but isn’t there any way to do it without exporting and importing again? Is there any way to run the Code Conversion on a version already imported?

Hi Nilesh,

Can u elaborate on your step 3 for to “Make NAV 2009 R2 Object Compatible with NAV 2013” .

Also where can I find the merge tool manual and what the 3 versions in it?

And how to do manual merge and automatic merge?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Amy,

You can find Mergetool and manuals at:

I will trying…let see it is working or not…[:)]

Thanks for the help but I would like you please give some details about how to go about steps

3 Make NAV 2009 R2 Object Compatible with NAV 2013.

4 Created 3 Version as per Manual given by MergeTool.

5.Done Manual Merge and Automatic Merge.

Dear Nilesh,

Could you please help me in how to use Mergetool in migration project of Nav2013 to Nav2013 Rollup 13. Could you n please send me the detailed step how to use mergetool. Please Help Nilesh