Upgrade NAV add on

Can we upgrade Third party add on of Navision 2009 to 2015…

in general yes.

if its an automation you can only use it on client pc, not on the server.

Yes you can upgrade, but besides automation, then you need to be sure that all the objects used by the add-on is open for customization by partners or not. Some ISV’s have locked key elements of their add-ons. And if that’s the case then you need to do a bit more work, like moving it to unprotected areas, if you need to change the code for the upgrade.

Be careful by moving it to different number ranges as this might break your agreement with the ISV solution provider.

Ask your ISV (the third party) for the upgraded objects.

If it is a RSPA (Certified) solution, they must be able to give it to you.

Why not ask the third-party for updated objects working with NAV 2015?

If the ISV did upgrade the add-on then that’s of course the way to go. My answer was made under the assumption that no upgrade is available from the ISV.

i’m not sure, if it is clear, what you mean.
so please, publish some details, what you want to do.

do you want to upgrade the add-in itself, means changing/upgrading the software?
if yes, then it’s needed to contact the add-in vendor.

if you simply want to use the (old) add-in in the new nav version, then it depends on the add-in.
automation or .net assembly ?