Navision Upgrade


Is it a requirement that we use our partner to upgrade to Dynamics NAV 5.0? We are currently using Navision 4.0 with SQL Server 2005 database.



Typically, you need a developer license to do a full upgrade, so that’s why you’d need your partner’s help. If you know how to do it though, and your license gives you access to all the objects, go for it.

There are a number of Upgrade Centers that can do this for you.

Thanks. Can you provide me some additional information on upgrade centers? I would be willing to discuss this offline if you prefer.


There are many, but the one I know the best is Liberty Grove,

The new version 2009 is out now. I’m not sure but I would go to the new version instead of version 5.0 sp 1.

Hello everybody,

Since the company I work for is running NAV 4 sp3 on a native database I would like to know shat a preferred upgrade path to Nav2009 on SQL would look like.

First upgrade to SQL, then to NAV 5 sp3 and then to Nav2009? Or is there a shorter way? On the Convergence in Copenhagen someone said that it would theoretically be possible to upgrade from 4.0 sp3 to Nav 2009, but she did not know if that would be wise.

We are in the process of choosing a partner to help us upgrade, but I always want to know at least the basics before I speak to consultants.



Thats a very wise aproach. Its allways best to have as much information as possible.

I have written two generic articles that may help you: