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Help, please. We are using Navison Finalcials 3.6 with its own Database. A user started to delete one Company (in German: Mandant). After a few seconds i killed his session, so it stopped. We have a backup, but it is one day old. There are 5 Clients still connected to this company. They could not access any Data because some of the Tables are empty. You can’t open the company from anywehre else. I think most of the data is still there. Is there any chance to access the data again ?

Hi! Oh oh, seems to be serious [B)] Can you create a Backup (FBK)? If yes, create a new DB with it (keep the original one running!!!) and check the data … Or maybe you can export some “vital” data via dataports (and then import this data to one-day-old backup)!? Otherwise, I think the one day is lost [xx(] Regards, Jörg

Hello Ernst Did you find a solution? May I ask you how this could happen? It would be interesting for me - to prevent a similar issue. Some days ago I made a joke about deleting a company [:(]. bye André

If the data has been really lost, you cannot undelete it. The only way you’re having to fix something is as follows: 1- Delete the company remaining data by deleting the company. 2- Restore the company from the backup you’ve that’s 1 day old. 3- Insert again all the data the users insert on that last day. 4- MODIFY PERMISSIONS ON THE USERS TO PREVENT THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN!!! For modifying the permissions create a role where the user is not having permission to run the system functions by default ( type id description read modify delete run system 0 system yes yes yes NO (no = empty) Then add him the functions like zoom that are not dangerous (don’t add them things like delete database or delete company… or rename company either…) Regards and good luck,


Originally posted by Andre DDB
May I ask you how this could happen? It would be interesting for me - to prevent a similar issue. Some days ago I made a joke about deleting a company [:(].

I can tell you how that happened… not having a proper user security setup on the database and having all users working as SUPER… if they’ve access to all system functionalities they have access to dangerous things, like deleting or renaming a company and deleting the database… a proper setup it’s always needed (or at least a basic one). Regards,


Originally posted by apertierra I can tell you how that happened… not having a proper user security setup …

[:)] Take into consideration that even a superuser can make a mistake like that!

@Alfonso: My goal was to find out what the (super?)user wanted to do. I assume a right user setup (perhaps I’m wrong). @Anfinnur: YEP! But can you call deleting a company a “mistake”? I’m not sure [}:)]! bye André

Call it whatever you want to call it - we could probably come up with several word meaning the same.[;)] A wise person is quoted for saying something like: “A person who never made a MISTAKE never tried anything new”. [B)]

Anfinnur… and another quoted thing is… “A person who tries something new in the live database instead of using a test copy database for his tests is a fool…” [;)] Regards,

Ok I can tell you how it happens. It happened to me once-not exactly. While trying out something, I intended to delete a company but like many Computer Users (I assume), I thought I knew what the message asked me and clicked Yes without reading, and even confirmed (Oh NO). I deleted the database, instead of the company! Only fortunate thing is that it was test thing in office and not on a client site. Back to the point though, I think the question the guy was pondering could be looking at how navision operates (he mentions “killing the session”). With optimistic concurrency and Version management, I would also like to pose the question back, but now modified, at what point does Navision delete the data from the tables. Of course I know that all of us know about how backups are handled e.t.c, and how the system can finally tell us on another user having modified something we were working on. Yeah! Could there be temporary tables that are created, and only cleared when finally the data is successfully deleted? And yes I agree, he needs to open db from same client. May be try and check if you have any strange tables in there…I could have an idea. Robert

Alfonso - test-database or live-database - what is the difference? A database is a file, and files may be deleted, in one way or the other. By a super-user or a stupid-user. Conclusion: have a backup-routine. PS In my company we have a club, unofficial of course, “Club of Honourable Deleters”. And guess what - [:I] I am member myself!

Deleting the wrong company happens to just about everyone at some time. If not by doing it, then at least by having to fix it. Contrary to the comments of Alfonso, this is a VERY common problem. Anyway, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that Navision has an undelete function! The bad news, is that it is kept by them internally, and they don’t allow it out to the NSCs. In my experience, Navision have been very helpfull in restoring deleted companies, you just need to get everyone off the system, and make a copy of the database for them to work on. PS: Please Navision/Microsoft, isn’t it time that C/DART became a part of every NSCs tool kit?

Hey wait a minute! I think I have seen C/DART in the latest license file. What is that supposed to mean? Robert

Did you say you have it on your licence Robert? If so, what licence do you have - a developer licence?