Creating a new Company

I tried to create a company and I follow these stpes

  1. Create the back up: TOOLS > BACKUP

  2. Then go to File → Company → New Company

  3. Enter Company Name

  4. OPEN NEW COMPANY and go to TOOLS > RESTORE and appear this message

“Restoration of the backup was interrupted because the company 50 is already in the database.”

why appear this message?

The backup has the old company name so when you try to restore it sees it already exists.

So you can create a backup.
Then Rename the company to your new company.
then restore the backup to recreate the old existing company.

Do you want them in the same database? Or seperate databases?

Are you looking to create a TEST company you can play with or a new company that is has no data?

Creating a Test company is , should always be done in a new database. this way you can test objects without disturbing live system.


I will show my error message “Restoration of the backup was interrupted because the company 50 is already in the database.”, I dont understand you very well what i have to change? Can you explain me again?


1) Access / Login to NAVISION

Select SETUP Company

2) Back up of the Setup Company


· Tick in Selected companies

· Description: “Consolidation Company”

· Untick in Data common to all companies and Application Objects

· Untick in Data Common to All Companies and Applications Objects.

· File Name: select the file where you want to save the back, File Name: “Consolidation Company”

· Wait until download

· Message of Confirmation of the backup

4) Click and open new companu created “Consolidation Company”


· Select the backup file from “Consolidation Company"

Appear the error message

Are you restoring in same database or other database?

If same database then first rename the Consolidation Company to “Consolidation Company Previous” using File–>Company–>Rename

and then restore the backup.

Yes is the same data base.

then rename the company first and then restore the backup.

I have two question

  1. I have to rename the back that I created with the name of Consolidation Company Previous?? OR

  2. In the step 4, I created a new company and this new company I have to name as Consolidation Company Previous??

Then I have to restore the back in the new company that I created?

Mohana, I have to rename, the new company that I will created, or what I have to rename?

No need to create new company in step4.

After taking backup…rename the existing company and then restore the backup.

Sorry Mohana, I bit mistake from my side. I have to restore in a different data base, in this case I have to create a new company right, and then restore?

No need…you can directly restore…it will automatically create company


Until know I only created the back up,

So the next step is, in the same “set up company database or other company database”, go to TOOLS > RESTORE and it will create other company? I am correct?


Would you like to Create new company with same data or blank company in Same Database ?

I want to create new company with the same data base… do you know how?

Create backup from old company as follows

Go to Tools–> Backup -->Give File Name with extension .fbk This will create a backup

For Restoration

Go to File–> Database–> Click on New-> Select Server Name, and authetication(Userid,password) →

Give Database Name in General Tab

Click on Database Files Tab and In File Name Field give path of Data File

Click on Transaction Log Files Tab and In File Name Field give path of Log File

Click on Ok

This will create New Database

Now for restoration of DB

Click on Tools–> Restore–> Select Backup File

Thats it

For Creating New Company in Same Database

Login in Database

Click on Files–> Company–> Click on New -->Give Company Name This will create new company

Now login in New Company–> Click on Administration–> IT Administraion–> General Setup–>Click on Setup Checklist

Click on Functions–> Copy Data–> Select company from where you want to copy data

This will copy setups of old company into new company

You need to restore the backup in database where you want to create new company…