Delete or Add companies

Hi all,

We have a database with at 4 companies and we want to delele 2 and add 2 more. To be able to delete those 2, what do I need to validate ( not only form system points of view) but for also process point of view. Same for adding 2 more compagnies.


Insted of deleting the companies, restrict the access to the user for the same.

Thanks . But We really need to delete those companies. data are not useful at all.

I would check to see if you have any shared tables (DataPerCompany = No), but other than that those are questions for your specific company. It is their process.

Do everything in a test environment first, that way you know if anything breaks.

Ok… If you haven’t share tables in between companies. Check the property (Datapercompany = No) as Matt said . then you can delete Company if its of no use to save the disk space. [:)] and please before deleting in LIVE please check on test database