Tracking Batches/Lots, Capacity design and Batches report

Dear All,
one of our mfg company production facility consists of mixing, blending, filling,
tube box cartoning, shrink wrapping and pallet packaging.
I would like to produce anti-allergic cream with unit of measure
15 g / tube. Speed of current filling machine is 30 tubes / minute
Manual cartoning 20 tubes packed per minute by each operator.
FInal products in the carton boxes packed into 144 tubes per shipment
before they are sent to the Warehouse (whse). Approximately
5 sealed boxed packed per minute.
Batch time is 33.84 hours. Total 72 batches per years with
13,333 tubes produced per batch.
Operation sequence is serial.
My questions are as follows:

  1. How to put maximum capacity (KG/Liter) in Navision? e.g. max. mixing tank volume
    is 500 KG, I would like to record it in the machine card/center
  2. Can Navision track batches of the production I will run ? Do I have to
    devide the batch into lot no, so that I can track the batches of production into
    several lots ? this is very important since we have to track what happened in the
    batches during the production runs
  3. Are there reports of all batches or lot production from raw material to finish good
    provided by Navision or must be created ? WHat standard reports are used if I avoid
    to design report ?
  4. How navision calculate production schedule if there are lot sizes, concurrent capacity
    and send quantities ? will it more faster if there are lot sizes, high concurrent
    capacity and high send-ahead quantity ?

I appreciate your answers so much. tks a lot.


Is this all standard Navision?
Is this version 4.0?
Did you buy the third part add-ons you were investigating?
Do you actually have an NSC? No really?
What will you do if the help here goes away as you really do ask a lot at times?
How much of this have you looked into yourself?

  1. Have you contrained the capacity?
  2. A production order can be considered a “batch” as this is what it is. Do you need more tracability, if so why? Are you using lot control? Will this suffice for batch control?
  3. Create your own reports or use views.
  4. Read the manual and play - set up your scenarios and work it out. Production will be shortened with send ahead quantities if that is what you mean by “more faster”. The lot size is only really used in conjunction with standard costing - why are you expecting it to make the item quicker with a lot size? Do you know where the lot size is and what it does? By high concurrent capacity are you restraining or unrestraining these work and machine centres, or do you mean concurrent by sending ahead which is covered by, er, um, sending ahead as discussed previously.

Wow, you sound like an asshole.