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Hi, Can somebody give some advice on what the current best approach is on setting up standard Navision for a company making blends ? Blending is mixing 1 l of component A and 1 l of component B together, and selling that 2 l of resulting product C at a price of 10*(cost A + costB) … [:D] (but by doing so they have money to buy Navision) - Machine Centers : Mix Tank 1, Mix Tank 2, Mix Tank 3, … * Suppose at 01/01/01 everything (tanks) is empty. * 10/01/01 : via a production order we start working on a 1000 l blend : Mix Tank 3 is now filled * When we do not empty mix tank 3 : there should be no more capacity for Mix Tank 3 since it is filled. * A new order comes in for 12/01/01, but Mix Tank 3 is still filled… how can we prevent Navision from scheduling ? I was thinking about entering downtime for Mix Tank 3 as long as it is filled (no more capacity) , but that’s probably not the way to go. Because the problem gets more complex when eg Mix Tank 3 is filled for 80%, so there is 20% capacity open, 20% which could be scheduled. It can get even more complex when there is interaction with other Mix Tanks (1 and 2), but lets not make it too complicated for the time being.

Hi Gunther I am not 100% sure I understadn fully your requirements, the mix tank seems to be more of a location rather than a work centre, simply because it is storing the mix (or is it processing it?). Does the routing of the production order associate the time the mix is in the tank and consume capacity? If it does you could flag the capacity of the work centre as capacity restrained (finite loading) - from the capacity requirements planninng menu select set-up and then capacity constrained resources and define the work centre/mix tank in there. i think this will however spread the capacity over days depending upon your routing so you may have to do some testing in this area to close off the capacity of the tank. Once capacity constraint is in place sales orders should be processed via order promising which in turn means the component blend must be flagged as critical on the item card (now I think I am confusing myself [:D]) Does that help?

Steven is right. To be more precise, What you can do is(IF bins concepts is used);you can define the capacity of the bin. You will not be able to issue material to the bin of that tank till consumption is reported. Here though there is one constraint, But Pl. explore whether it prevents Navision from scheduling another order for the same tank.That might need a little developement. DD

Well the situation is : - the mix tank is doing the actual processing - that same mix tank is doing the actual storage - the storage time can not really be defined so there is no real way to set it up as a move time or something similar. I do not understand the bin concept, how does it interact with production ?

Hi Gunther I would guess that dharmendra is referring to the bin set up in warehouse management - here you can define maximum cubage/weight - however I believe this are checked when performing the put-away function - and will not be referenced during production. Okay lets get back to basics - I presume sales orders are independent of production? I presume there is a trigger point when the tanks have to be replenished - or does hte whole blend have to be removed? Or are the tanks holding the blend for a cure time and they are actually being “worked on”? I suppose what I need is an answer to the questions what trigger produciton? and can yo further explain the needs of capacity and order processing in this example. It seems to me you require a capacity on a work centre - and a capacity check on a location at the point production is loaded. The second part I think would need modifying to your requirements, but I think I would need to fully understand the issues further before commenting further. I hope its still sunny [:D]

Suppose the mix tank has a volume for 10000l. Sales Order 1000 : 1000l due 15/01 Sales Order 1001 : 5000l due 18/01 Sales Order 1002 : 3000l due 20/01 Let’s say we make a production order of 10000l (to use full tank capacity) due 15/01. So at 15/01, the tank will still be filled for 9000l. 15/01 - 18/01 : the capacity is limited to 1000 l 18/01 - 20/01 : remaining capacity limit of 6000l > 20/01 : 9000l capacity So the trigger for replenishment (and at the same time the qty or available capacity) is an interaction of sales orders due dates and quantities, replenishment info from the item card and the available tank volume. … it can be rainy occasionally

Hi Gunther I think you are going to have to build in capacity against the stocked location - as well as having the capacity against the work centre. Are the tanks differentiated in any other way apart from work centre? It is almost like you are booking them into locations and the locations have the capacity - however if you go down this line you will either have to load specific sales orders or specific production orders onto these locations. You would probably be better off writing something to check the output - or stock, against an arbritary capacity - however if you are then pulling this into any of the worksheets for consideration - which you would have to if you use them - this could get VERY messy [:D] Would you fill the 1000L as at 15/01 or do you await a trigger of sales order/reorder level? The weather sounds a bit English! [8D]

Thanks for you replies. It somewhat confirms my intuition that this was not going to be straightforward, standard Navision. I think I’ll have to add an additional constraint on MC/WC level. which wont be easy, as you say. I need to find the code where Navison puts the capacity checks, and write something additionally to : - check current mix tank fill level - check what product is currently in there … getting a little bit afraid now. Would you fill the 1000L as at 15/01 or do you await a trigger of sales order/reorder level? Well, I would wait for the sales order/reorder. I’m kind off starting to understand why add ons such as Process 800, don’t tackle planning. Anyway, the week-end is getting nearer at warp speed 10. And as we say here in Trinidad : at week-end we only have to work half as hard as during the week ! Sure hopes the sky cleares up by then.

Have fun with the design And make sure you have fun this weekend.[8D]