The Specified Filed does not exist.ID:0 Name : State

Hi Experts,

I am getting the below error for specific user and Database.

When i open the RTC Role Center for User ‘A’ it working fine.

but when i open the same database from User ‘B’ its giving that error.

I try to found in DUG and Mibuso but haven’t got the proper answer please help.

5327.User for Sandeep.bmp (118 KB)

My first thought would be that either the two users are not part of the same role center, or you’re not opening the same database. Second thought is that you have a customization gone bad. At this moment, I don’t have a specific example in mind that would raise this error (although I would expect that an errant field reference would raise a compile error before it would raise a runtime error).

You might start by compiling your most-recently modified pages, and then restart your NAV database services, and then try the connection again. Failing any definitive results from that effort, you might need to deploy the debugger.

… and I offer this as an afterthought. Can you confirm that no one has made any alterations to any of the table structures outside of the NAV development environment, say possibly by using SSMS?

Hi George,

Thanks for prompt reply already compiled all objects and there is not any table extended using SSMS.

You should look in to User Personalizations also.

Hi Mohana,

I also checked in User personalization as well.

Looks like a potential code change. Have you got developments ? Have your partner debug the sytem .


Dear Faludigabor,

We are also developers, we are not end user and i already compiled the whole objects.But not found any error.

And Rishi, have you yet tried running the problem code with the debugger? If you have, were you able to locate the problem code? If you haven’t, that would be my next step.

Hi George,

It is in 2009 R2 RTC i tried to debug but i am unable to reach some step of debugging of RTC in NAV2009 R2

Hi Rishi,

I’m not really sure what that means, but if you’re interested, you can google Dynamics NAV 2009 Debugger and get all kinds of blog posts on how to use it.