Problem in opening the Object Designer

unable to open Object Designer,Even i uploaded my valid lisence. plz any one have any idea([I] )…!

Thanks In Advance

Shravan Kumar

NAV Developer

2500.ERROR Image.docx (34.6 KB)

it’s a corrupt database error.

you can search on here for 47-1 error, but what has fixed this for me in the past is to export all of the records in the offending table (I would guess “89-3257” is an item record), then delete the records, then re-import them.

obviously needs to be done carefully and with consideration to anyone else using the database


thanks for Reply Kryton.Right now it’s resolved.But i followed different solution.

It’s resolved by Replacing classic client files into the installed one.i think the client files may currupted…


Shravan Kumar

NAV Developer.

I am quite sure you are wrong.

yes, thanks for pointing that out.

perhaps I should have said, “i’ve seen a 47-1 error with mismatched file versions, and I’ve seen a 47-1 error on restoring a NAV db caused by a single record which prevented the restore from happening”.

corrupt database was too strong. corrupted record would have been more accurate. But as you rightly pointed out, neither is the case in this instance.

sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusion, will think harder before responding next time

Thanks David.

Here m getting another Problem when trying to open RTC.m running service as Network Service.But it showing error like invalid id & password.

What to do…?[:$]


Shravan Kumar

NAV Developer

Are you trying to login with windows authenticatin or database?

I mean do you have windows authentication users set?

Thanq Mohana…[}]

Yes,U are Right,i forgot that…