test sql database for navision 4

how to have sql server database for navision 4. i need it for testing. right now, i have only navision test database, but i want to test with sql option. how ?

  1. Start the Microsoft SQL Server Option for Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision application (finsql.exe).
  2. File → Database → New
  3. Set your properties for the Database (i.e. Name, Files Options etc - This I cannot specify for you)
  4. Create the database
  5. When thats done, go to Tools, Restore
  6. Restore one of the Navision.FBK backups that come on the Navision CD’s.
  7. Just make sure you have your Database Logins and Windows Logins configured. If your SQL server is local then it should just use your default windows login.

Good luck