Hello, we have to make a project for a company that uses a FDB Navision 3.70.A database. We’re making the project in VB.NET and we would like to use Stored procedures to retreive and store the data. The administration department uses Navision for their customer management, viewing the orders,… But we would like to use Ms SQL Server instead. Is it possible, to convert a FDB to an MDF database (SQL server) so we can use our stored procedures AND the company will still be able to use their Navision software with the MDF instead of the FDB database… or does anyone know how to connect the Navision 3.70.A from .NET environment… Thank you, Dave from (Gent, Belgium)

With your Navision Distribution you get two executables (fin.exe and FINSQL.exe) as the name already states, the finsql.exe connects to a SQL database. Anyway you should use a real SQL server and not the desktop engine. How to: Install MS SQL server Run the native client Run a backup Run the Navision SQL Client and connect to the server Create a new database Restore the backup. This is the short version and there will be more steps involved. For information how to install Navision on a sql server properly read the w1w1isql.pdf on the ORIGINAL Navision CD (which should have been delivered to your customer by the VAR, regards to David [;)]) From this moment on, the customer will need to access Navision through finsql.exe instead of fin.exe. So basically the answer is YES. Get in touch with the Navision Partner for your customer. They will be able to help you with these issues.


So basically the answer is YES.
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Basically, and you need to have the sql-server “server” in your license.

My understanding…and I’m not a developer by any stretch of the word…is that once you have the licensing correct, it’s easy to convert a Navision database from the traditional server to SQL. “Basically”, you simply take a backup and restore it into the new SQL version. Now I know I’m going to get pounded by you guys out there, but remember I’m from the sales side of the boat…anything is possible…so be gentle in your responses. [8]

Trying to be gently: That’s what I said, Bill !!!

Thomas, Forgive me for being a bit…uh…well…dense. I am the type to cut straight to the chase and failed to read in totality…or at least it didn’t register…your response. You gave a very detailed and comprehensive step by step response. [:I][Oops!] Consider my response and my general approach to things the “Cliff Notes” version…