Navision Native vs. SQL

Hi All,

Is it streightforward to convert a Navision 3.7 native database to a SQL? Or is that a new implementation starting from begining?


It’s straight forward. You will need to use a newer executable but it will the old database.

As straightforward as restoring a backup within finsql.exe - suppose you have a running MSSQL ver2000 and above up to ver2005 (not supported officially, but works).

  1. so do we have to first create a DB in SQL server and and tables and all existing users and then just a restore of exsiting native database in that?

  2. If a parther has provided Navition with hnative db to a client, would client have the ownership to do it by themselves without paying anything to the partner. Is that only the SQL server cost?

Thanks a lot!

You will have to create a new database, create users for “Database authentication” type users, need not create Tables, and then restore the back-up of existing database.

  1. Here I differ from the other people’s opinion (those who expressed in this post earlier), you may have to use some tools provided by Microsoft for migration and you may need to do performance tuning of database on SQL.

Migration Toolkit (or the object provided by MS for migration) checks the date , as SQL doesn’t support date prior to 1753 (or so, don’t remember exact, perhaps SQL2008 supports those dates also, please check) and some other stuff like Sort of code field etc. differs from in Native database.

So you should involve partner in the migration process.

Thanks a lot for clearing my dobts on this Dhan!