temporally slow / unknown path / slave.exe

Hello, sometimes we have the problem that Navision is slowing down. Then we get an warning in the eventlog: Event-ID: 109 Message: Error 18 in module 244. e:\Samos\11353\Source\Ide\server\SERVER.C(372) OS: Win2k Server SP4 Version: Navision Attain Version DE 3.60 CPU: Intel Xeon-A 2.6 GHz RAM: 2.0 GB HDDs: RAID-1 SCSI capacity: 8 GB (15% free) on system partition + 35 GB (50% free) on database partition network adatper: Gigabit UTP Adapter (no discovered problems) size of database: 14 GB (14% free) DBMS-cache: 768000 KB Commit-cache: 8000 KB total max. size of pagefiles: 6000MB current users: 90 Three questions: 1. The path shown in the message does not exist, is it a programmer´s bug? 2. Does the program have any preferences refering to the place or size of the pagefile? 3. I´ve recognized, that slave.exe is running two times, but i don´t know why. One of them has a very high number of page faults (200 new ones per second). What does it mean? Hope you will have some answers for me… Torsten

Hmm strange message. I think it is a programming error and the path i think must be a path on the developers of Navision local computer. The folder 11353 is equal to the navision build number. Funny. Don’t know what the error means though.

Hi, on my former employer we had that same problem as well. If I remeber correctly then this was said from Navision to be a tcp error. They told us to check our network, which we did and we actually had some faulty networkcards. After taking care of this we reduced that error message but it still appeared some time. We however didn’t experience any problems (that we know of) at the time when this error message appeared, so I dont know if it the answer to your problems. Regards Daniel

Yes, quite funny message… We checked card, and I think it works fine but I think would be best to replace it. In addition to question 3: One slave.exe should be started for each *fdb file. We only have one, but two slave.exe running. Why?

  1. Search the forum for “error 18 in module 244” – results are interesting… 2) 14GB data/90 users – you really need multiple fdb files, no?..

slave.exe runs several instances when you’re using big cache with bigh databases, as it handles just one file with each fdb file.

@fbrande 1. Thanks a lot for that hint. As I´m understanding the given information right, there could be one client with a damaged NIC to explain our probs… But I cannot check each client. Is there a way to log the user-logons in navision (in order to compare it with the time the error occures)? 2. Why do you think i need multiple *.fdb files?

Q1: No easy way that I know of (G/L Setup, “Register Time” only gives ‘minutes per day’, not specific login/logout times). You could create your own UserLog table, then record logins and logouts by modifying Codeunit 1… Q2: Navision guidance generally for databases over 2GB, and personal experience. For Navision guidance, see the “Installation and System Management…” guide on the product CD, especially the ‘Advanced Performance Issues’ section on ‘Speed and Hard Disk Capacity’. Personal experience has included comments from users that “…30 min. process now takes 5 min…” after expanding a DB to multiple segments. Be careful to follow closely the steps for “Expanding a Working Database” also in the “Installation and System Management…” guide – create a new db, expand it to additional segments, CLOSE AND REOPEN to rebuild the free blocks list, then restore from backup.

OK, now it´s working properly: We simply divided the database into two parts and as result, it´s faster and the error doesn´t appear any more. Although we have three slave.exe running now (what I don´t understand), I´m very pleased with the new performance and say “THANKS” to you all… Torsten

Shut the server down and kill the third slave process - it is a leftover from a previous crash.

Hey man, i have a 110GB Navision native database split into 3 file and it is working fine. until last week. the service is stopping 7-8 times a day. still dont know why?