I have seen the previus topic concerning this issue - but I simply doesn’t understand. I have some problems regarding the speed of Navision. This is NF 2.0 running on a NT 4.0 Server. The DB is 13,8 Gb and I have approx. 60 users. I have 650 Mb RAM dedicated to Navision (commitcache) out of 1.280 Mb I have noticed that there is 8 SLAVE.EXE running on the server. The DB is divided into 7 .fdb files. Can this (the SLAVE.EXE) affect the speed of the Navision server? As far as I read on the previus topic, it is the Server.exe that indicates the Navision-use of memory. We have tried a lot of thing. Checked the cables, electricity but we can’t find the solution to the problem. Can anyone help? Thanks Mads Morre Scanvaegt International - DK

The first place to look is on the task manager. 1) On the performance tag you want to look at physical memory (K) and you want the available to indicate 20-30% of you total physical ram in normal circumstances. 2) The next place to look is the processes tag. Show the page fault column (View select Columns). Sort the list by this by clicking the header. explorer.exe should increase about once a second. The other items in the list should be fairly stable. If Fin.exe is increasing at a rate then look at their mem usage an vm size. It could be that windows is switing out your cache (but sound improbable with that amount of memory). Are there any programs which have a high memory useage (eg SQL). It could be a network problem navision can sometimes put networks under stress so that is another area to check. If you post you what you find from above I am sure we can pin this down. Paul Baxter