16 disks - 17 slave.exe?

Hi! we have navision 3.60 with its own database running. server has 2,5 GB memory. navision database is 64 GB (reserved 43GB, licensed 132 GB) my problem: some users get often the following error message: commit cache is full and a counter is running. also the navision client is hanging often. on the navision client I see the following database cache settings. DBMS Cache 60000 Commit Cache jes Object Cache 8000 the funny thing is the following. we have 16 drives on an external array running. we have two same windows 2000 servers with navision 3.60. always on one server machine the navision service is running. and we have the troubles only on one machine. one thing I saw now is that we have on every server machine 17 slave.exe processes but we have only 16 disk drives. why that? also two navision client sessions are running on my server. (navision scheduler) one slave.exe has 0 cpu time and 284.832 KB memory. all other 16 slave.exe has some cpu time nad 518.992 KB memory. what is the reason? Thanks Hi!

I dont have any specific answers but. You should raise the DBMS cache to maximum. Usually max possible is 900000, if the service doesnt start just lower the value until it starts properly. You could as well change the application on server and clients to 3.70. You do not nececarily have to upgrade the database, which is a much bigger operation.

Hi! could I change the cache settings only with registry. Or what is the right way?

Navision uses Slave.exe as a comunication layer between cache and databaseparts. 16 databaseparts = 16 Slave.exe and commitcache = 1 more Slave.exe Navision “shares” the assignd DBMS cache equaly betveen the slave.exe’s. You therefore only have approx 3.5 MB Commitcache to use, before a forced flush - “Commitcache is full” message