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Hi There,

First let me apologise. I have never seen Navision until today and I’m only vaguely aware of what it’s for. I’m working temporarly in a German office doing a XP rollout and Navision was left off the pre-rollout testing plan as there is only one user still using it, the actual servers have been decommisioned and the database files are on a network share for historical purposes only.

I’ve installed the client (Version 2.0.b) and am trying to connect it to a database file on a network share. The error message I’m getting has been translated for me (I don’t speak German) and reads something along the lines of “Your operating system is unable to open the file F:\Path name…\databasename.fdb”.

He has permissions to the share and the file. I’ve been reading this forum for over 2 hours now and have not been able to find anything of use to me. Mostly because it’s all way over my head. Is this just a case of such an early version of Navision not being XP compatible? Any ideas you guys have would be most appreciated.

The guy who needs this is a big boss man of small stature and as is often the case with this combination not very pleasant to deal with. The sooner I get him out of my hair the better.

More than likely I have neglected to tell you a dozen vital things so feel free to razz the newbie before getting to the helpful stuff :wink:



Hey Benny,

There are a few things that you can do. But first how many database files are there? i.e. how many individual fdb’s?

The second is how big are all the files together?


Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply mate.

There are 6 .fdb files totaling 2.6GB. 4 of them appear to be related and 2 appear to be seperate. By that I mean they are called:

dbname.fdb, dbname2.fdb, dbname3.fdb, dbname4.fdb,

dbmuk.fdb and DATABASE.fdb

The first one (dbname.fdb) is 2GB and the rest are about 200MB.

Hope that helps.



Hello Ben, I am guessing Tony is asleep now.

Did you install as a stand alone? If not you will probably need to install the server software and configure the hosts (on client) and services files (on both).

I’m not an expert at this but hopefully this helps - a newbie reply!



better use the sql database

the extension for backup and restore is .fbk

I’ve been assured that the client installation was setup to be stand alone as the servers were decommisioned 2 years ago. To be sure though (I didn’t install the client myself) how do I check to see if has been installed as standalone?

There are no sql-option for versions earlier than 2.50

If the fdb-files are not located in the exact same location, then this could be the problem, if You just copied them from the old server.
When a database are extended over more than 1 file, then the names of the rest of the files are saved inside databasefile # 1 (the one you select in Database → Open)
This could perhaps be the reason.

If You have a backup, then try to create a new database and restore the backup into that.

The total size of the database is not an issue here, as 2.00 supports databases up to 32 Gb, of files no larger than 2 Gb each.

There are no difference in the way a client are installed for a stand-alone env. and a client/server env.

Inside Navision, in the database-information window (Files → Database → Information), on the connection-pane, there is a bullet-mark as to wether it is a local or a server connection.
As long as You are not connected to a database, then it is neither…

You would have a service installed on a server somewhere, if it was a Client/server env.
But this service could also be a leftover from 2 years ago.

Hi Benny,

The first thing I would ask is do you have a native Navision backup of the database? i.e. an .fbk file?

If not then I recommend before anything else you make a copy of these files and store them in a safe place.

Next open the Navision client, do a file → database → open.

Then in the database name try adding the four database files together in one long string, for example

C:\Database\Database1.fdb+C:\Database\Database2.fdb+C:\Database\Database3.fdb etc…


C:\Database\Database.fdb+C:\Database\Database2.fdb+C:\Database\Database3.fdb etc…

I have a sneaky suspicion that this might not work, I am a little concerned that only one of the database files you described is 2gb.

Give that a try and let me know the results.


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This has now been resolved. [:D] Thanks all very very much for your help. [Y]

Turned out the DB had been moved and the options had been setup with NetBios instead of TCP\IP. Both things easily fixed once you know how [^o)]

Beer’s on me [B]