SQL Server 2000 and Navision 2.60b

Navision version 2.60b operate with SQL Server 7. But with SQL Server 2000, we can’t create a database within SQL Server 2000. The following message appears : “The Pagecode configuration OEM or ANSI of your computer have no correspondance with the Pagecode of your SQL Server PROD”. After many attempts (changing language definition of databases…), we are thinking that Navision v2.60b is not completely compatible with SQL Server 2000. In fact Navision is trying to search some parameters (tables syscurconfigs and syscharsets)in the master database of SQL SERVER 2000 but the request retrieves no more lines. Could someone help us ?

We have found the solution : Simply installing the version 2.60C of Navision.

Allways upgrade to the latest version. Witch is 2.60.E Per.Bay@navigera.com Product Manager www.navigera.com

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In the relatively short time I have used these forums, I have seen this problem posted numerous times, for the SQL Server version. It seems the message to upgrade to 2.60C or greater for SQL Server 2000 support was not communicated too well.