ANSI or OEM code page : SQL Connection problem

Hi, I have a windows2000 Server that has SQL Server 2000 installed … When I come to create a new database with attain 3 or higher it works fine … The problem relys when I come to create the database with navision financial 2.5ml-SQL, I always get the error message : “The current ANSI or OEM code page on your computer does not match 0 code page on the XXX server. You must ensure that either the ANSI or OEM code page matches the server code page.” I was going to change the collate in SQL Server but my collate is already at : SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS So what can I do ? Thanks

I’ve had a similar problem, quite a while back. I can’t exactly remember the versions involved (I think it was 2.60), but I do remember getting it to work by doing something like this: Install Navision and run the base version of Navision only, no service packs. If this gives you the same error, install Service Pack 1. Run again. Go through the service packs like this, and, from memory, I got my installation to work by not installing the very last service pack. Hope this can be of use to someone. Andre

Navision Financials 2.5 clients do not support and cannot run against SQL Server 2000, only SQL Server 7. Navision Financials 2.6C or later can run against SQL Server 2000. Navision Attain 3.01 or later cannot run against SQL Server 7.