Problem creating Database in SQL2000

I am having problems creating a new Database in SQL2000 from Navision2.6. The error i get is "The current ANSI or OEM code page on your computer does not match the 0 code page on the server. ". Is there any help material available for SQL2000. I am usind SQL Server with Navision for the first time, any help in this regards will be appreciated. Thanks.

See this topic: I think You’ll find som eanswers there. First of all: Make sure that You are runnig 2.60C or later //Lars

  1. You have incorrect SQL installation. You must reisntall SQL with setting correct codepage information. 2. User must to have the same codepage (regional settings) with server. Change regional (SYSTEM!) settings on client’s pc (if system isn’t NT or 2k then you must reinstall (!) system. You cannot use REGEDIT to completely change Region because many changes are required). If you using REGEDIT then some regional characters may be lost but NF will work. Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia