Cannot create new SQL DB

Using Navision Financial 2.60B on a WinXP computer with SQL Server 2000, when I try to create a new database, I receive an error stating: The current ANSI or OEM code page on your computer does not match the 5 code page on the server. You must ensure that either the ANSI or OEM code page matches the server code page. I have made sure. The ANSI code page for SQL Server is set at code page 1252 and the same for the O/S code page. Error persists. Any clues? Maybe Navision 2.60B not compatible with XP & MS SQL 2000? Thanks.

Version 2.60B cannot run against SQL Server 2000, only SQL Server 7.0. You need to get hold of 2.60C or above (preferably 2.60E) in order to run against 2000. I am not aware of problems with 2.60 and WinXP - should be OK.

Check the language your are using. Expect you are going in English. If you are going for a default SQL server 2000 installation or proper language selected. Its just a problem of language code page being used. Unicode is suggested approach, if not selected. Good Luck