Specific items cannot be delivered on a weekend

The customer is a 24/7 operation, however certain items cannot deliver on a weekend. So overall receipt calendar on the cust master cannot be used. Are there specific set-up/configurations for this or is it a combination of site specific settings (ATP/delivery control/etc.) with warehouse calendar or coverage group calendar settings?

I believe those items would need to be in a coverage group with a calendar blocking out that weekend, although previously this had to align with the customer calendar in an earlier version, and you get into a lead-time issue with working days depending upon how you committ to the customer, but the setup=config you seek is the coverage group (ATP will not impact from memory)

Thanks Adam, I was helping my teammate out by going down the coverage group and calendar path, but felt like something else was needed on top. I will have him give it a go.

At the customer level, you can associate a default delivery calendar, though you’d want to be careful and probably NOT use a 24/7 calendar there, since it could affect the determination of your promised ship date. Your customer can want what he wants, but if you’re only open M-F, then your ship dates should always reflect M-F. So, customer wants Saturday, you promise Friday. Most companies manually enter customer request dates without restrictions, but on the promised ship date and all your internal dates, you’d be enforcing a business/workday calendar.

You mentioned this only applies to SOME products, though–do you mean most of their products fall into standard calendar, and a few fall under special calendar? If so, the item exceptions, as noted by the other replies, need to be handled via coverage group, where you create a special coverage group, hook the special calendar to it, then hook that coverage group to the special products.

Again, though, applying a 24/7 calendar might not do what you are expecting. Regardless of what calendar you use, you can always enter any requested date, even if that’s not an open/business day. It’s only when using ATP, CTP, or running MP and production scheduling where dates are restricted to applicable calendar working dates and times. The only other case I could think of where you’d want a special 24/7 calendar associated with your customer or your product(s) ight be if you’re manually establishing something like a M-F ship date, and using delivery mode/terms to automatically calculate a promised RECEIPT date forward scheduled from ship date, where you want to be able to project weekend arrivals.