I looking for an NAV Add On which gives the MPS an extra functionality.

  1. calculation of a regenerative plan with limited capacity.

  2. option to (regenerative) plan some SKU’s only in certain days/weeks.



  1. NAV does this with the capacity constrained resource setup.

  2. What is driving the date? The customer or the plant? The customer can be back planned using the calendar associated with them, the item by the work centre calendars. It depends upon the requirement.

2 may need a modification, but 1 is standard.


Thanks, I noticed the contrained resource setup.

The plant is driving the date. How do you mean: the item by the work centre calendars? using the absence you mean?

When different Items have the same routing (so same workcenter) but different recommended production days?

Only one calendar is available per workcenter.

If you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Yes the only way to set this as standard would be to use the work centre calendar, but if different items are different days you would need to split the same workcentre into different day based work centres with different calendars, then create an individual routing - if you use the same routing and then run it through there is no differntiator so you cannot set the day - in this instance you would need to modify the system and the planning engine - but this really does start a can of worms then, easier if you are MTS, MTO would be difficult as you would have to push the mod back to the sales delivery date.

That scenario I had in mind, but it will not easy to modify/maintain when changes are common for production optimization/season purpose.

I think it better to calculate the MPS and as second step to recalculate the avaible days based on a (add) SKU timetable or something like that.

We use MTS so that makes it a bit easier!

Thanks so far.


If you recalculate on a second step then you could have works orders being made later than the delivery date. it will be the balance of supply and demand where NAV calculates it then you break the balance - that will be your issue here, because ultimately even in MTS you may have customer driven demand driving the requirement.