Shipping Calendar


I am not very familiar with NAV but I am trying to prevent NAV from allowing shipping dates to be scheduled on weekends from two of our locations. If this isn’t possible, maybe the user can receive a pop up that the projected ship date is on a Sat or Sun?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Which version of NAV you are using ? Is it classic or RTC ??

If possible let us know what you have tried till now for above changes…??

My apologies Amol, I should have included that in my post. We are using 2009 R2.

So far I have been able to enter company holidays but cannot find much beyond that. I have spent a considerable amount of time searching online and cannot seem to find anything information on this.

Open Location Card and switch to Warehouse tab.

There is a field Base Calendar Code. Haven’t checked it myself, but you should be able to create a calndar that has holidays, and then it shouldn’t be included in planning.

Base calendars can be created under Administration → Application Setup → General → base Calendars

And if you want to go the message route you can use something like this:

WeekDay := FORMAT(WORKDATE,0,’’);
//this just gives you the day ie sunday, monday, etc

TotalDate := FORMAT(WORKDATE,0,’, , ‘);
Message (’%1’,totadate);
//this one gives you the whole ball of wax. ie Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You would replace WORKDATE with you date field

write code in sales header table. OnInsert() function, Warehouse Shipment Header table OnInsert() function,

Warehouse Shipment Form Post Shipment , Post &Print Menu Item function.


WorkDateRec.SETRANGE(WorkDateRec.“Period Type”,WorkDateRec.“Period Type”::Date);

WorkDateRec.SETRANGE(WorkDateRec.“Period Start”,WORKDATE);


IF WorkDateRec.“Period No.” > 5 THEN

IF CONFIRM(‘Today work date is satur/Sun Day. do you want to continue’,TRUE) THEN



OnInsert Code in Sales Header.



ERROR('Please Change the Work Date ');