Shop Floor Control - Production Job Card journal Hours

Hi There,

When i am clocking in and out on a particular production order from shop floor control, system does the following automatically

a. Creation and posting of Route card journal

b. Creation and posting of Job Card Journal

c. Creation and posting of Report as Finished Journal,

But my issue is, in the job card journal posted , the start time and end time is 0 and the system is not picking start time and end time frm Shop Floor Control.

Have any one encountered this before ?? Am I missing any particular set up ??

Please help me.

Thanks in advance ,


It should be resolved with following checkpoints:

  1. In Shop Floor Parameters / Production parameters Under General tab, make sure that Post time automatically is selected under Time field group and Time journal = Job card journal.

  2. In Shop Floor Parameters / Production parameters Under operations tab, make sure that Job level is Job and proper Job journal is selected under Route consumption journal and post automatically = selected.

  3. In your Route groups under General tab, make sure that all the automatic route consumption is unchecked this prevents data from SFC.

  4. In Setup tab, Job management is selected for the Job types you are using.

  5. Please do note that the Actual Job Time only gets automatically posted when you Calculate, Approve and Transfer your registration times from SFC.

Hope this will help.