job card journal

Dear all,

I’ve tried to do the steps of Production Order in Axapta. I’ve found that if
the ‘automatic BOM consumption’ is ticked, then when the status is updated
into Start, the Picking List Journal will be posted automatically. That
works also the same if the ‘automatic Route consumption’ is ticked and the
status is updated into Reported as Finished.
However, the Job Card journal is not posted automatically. Evenso when we go
through until Costed and Ended status, the program doesn’t give any message
that the Job Card is not yet posted.
My questions:

-Should the Job Card journal be posted prior to the status ‘Costed’ and
-What is the impact if the Job Card journal is posted (manually) and if not
-Is there anyway to set up that the Job Card journal to be posted

Thanks in advance.

It all depends on whether you are recording at a job level or a route level with the SFC Production parameter control.

The auto-BOM and Route consumption will also be controlled by whether you chose to post them at start as well - you set the parameters but it all changes on the start prompt of a production order if you wish.

Nothing wrong ultimately if you set it up to post without the job card, if it has all teh informaiton it requires. I however would then configure it not to produce job journals as they are a waste.

Hi Adam

Thanks for your answer. Where could we define SFC in dynamics?

Shop Floor Control Module - Setup - Production - Production Parameters. (as well as the SFC Parameters themselves)