Job Journal posting from Shop Floor Module

I am registering my times from Shop floor control i.e. clocking in and out against a particular job and when I am submitting the feedback which prompts to post report as finished journal I noticed that system has posted route card instead of Job card. I did job scheduling and in both Production and Shop Floor control parameters form I have job scheduling set up.

Another question : System doesn’t tend to create job lines automatically as in case of route card lines.

Wondering what is missing ? Any idea would be appreciated.

Hi Kapil,

Posting of JOB card journal is based on the parameter setting available in

Shop floor control–>Setup–>Production–>Production Parameters (specify the time journal in the general tab)

while submitting the feedback, AX will post the RAF for the last operation while doing the clock-out and the Job card journal for the reported qty for that stage.

For the labour hrs, you need to calculate,approve and transfer the registration using the approve forms. While transfering AX will post the Autobooked Job card journal for the labours hrs.Based on the Cost price defined in the Cost categories labour hrs for the clockin and clock-out time

Do let me know, if you need more information on this.



Hi Satish,

I had these things setup :). Extension of my question was even without shop floor, system is not creating Job journal for me.

Just for info I have job scheduling setup in production parameter and have job setup in Shop floor parameter as well and in my route groups I have job management checked.

In Inquiries Capacity Reservations from the production order I presume you have records, and on the reference tab there is a job identification? This is it creating jobs, if you create a job journal you can select these jobs. Not sure what exactly your issue is, but if these jobs exist it is creating them, without SFC it will just post the route card, even though the jobs are created, with SFC it uses the jobs would need to set it up but you just do not create the route card by any method and the time is recorded through SFC against the jobs. Been a while since I opened SFC though.

Hi Adam, Thanks for the reply, even if I leave aside SFC, my query is system isn’t creating job journal, although it is creating and updating jobs with appropriate status on updates, assuming that I have 100 jobs to be done on a Production Order, this means that I need to select these job lines manually on the journal to record the time ?

So it is creating the jobs, but not the journal. That is your issue I presume?

Why do you need the job jounral if you are not using SFC, the route journal would be sufficient surely?

Yeah that is the issue.

In case if somebody is using SFC, which I am , I am wondering what I am missing that system is not creating Job Journal lines.

But can you see the job to log onto in SFC?


So in your settings you are never create a route card journal but log on through SFC to record time. What actually is the issue as SFC you would use the jobs to log on and Non-SFC you would use a route journal. Am I misunderstanding? I would also need to actually open SFC :slight_smile:

SFC I would come to later now -:),

my first question should be that if I am not using SFC then system would not create Job lines automatically the way it does for route card ?

Because I am very sure that I have had these lines created automatically without using SFC but seems something is wrong somewhere.

Just assume if an org doesn’t have SFC in their license and they have 100 jobs in their production order, this scenario would mean I would have to ask them to punch data manually !! (I mean by complete line instead of just times)

No, if they did not have SFC they would use the route card which is the amalgamation of the underlying capacity jobs.

You seem to be saying you want to create the job journal lines, but do not have SFC and would not want to post them - i am confused [:D]

I do not believe, if you do not have SFC, that it will create an automatic “Job Journal” for you.

How have you set your SFC Production Parameters up - assuming that it is still active have a look under Setup - Production - Production Parameters, Operation Job Level scheduling, what is this set to?

Ok, using SFC I am not getting Job Journal lines created automatically, I have the above mentioned set up with me in, in place.

But you said you could see them in SFC to log onto, so they are being created - what are you looking for it to do?

Ya I cud see the jobs but when I am filling in the feedback for report as finished through SFC system is posting route journal lines instead of Job journal lines.

Have you looked at the production parameters in SFC? There are several places where you tell it what to create with Job/Route being set. Second to that have you set the route card to Never in all parameters so as not to automatically create them?

Had these setup, checked it again, even from study material, just not getting them.

I believe that is controlled by the SFC Production Parameters form, what do you have set here?

Kapil, AdamRoue,

I know this is an old (never finished) thread but I saw that you were online today. Your scenario (your second part of your initial question) fits exactly my current situation.

Maybe you solved the problem and never updated the system.

I am working in the AX2012 R2 vpc and want to report manufacturing labor (run time and setup time) by using Route Cards. I did the Job Scheduling which resulted into

a) Capacity Reservations

b) the field “job identification” (tab reference) is populated

c) the jobs are visible from MES

d) no Job Journal created

HOWEVER … i do not want to use MES. AdamRoue argument was basically “hey…If you can the the job in MES, than post the jobs with MES. Why do you need a Job Journal?!” That’s not my point:

I just want build a scenario where i can work with the Job Card. But i do not want to create the job journal manually!

thanks a bunch!!

To do this you setup the MES parameters and the Production Parameters to do Job scheduling. Traditionally you use MES and Job scehduling as the setup time and run time is split into separate “Jobs”. If you are not using MES then the system wants you to post using a route card journal. Look in MES and there is a production parameters section, in here you have settings that include using the MES parameters and what Job level to use.