Session Log off


In my system ,its already set the auto log off(Ax will cut off after a pre defined time frame.) after 20 min.Where is this settings and how can i exclude some users from this time limit ?



select user and click user option. in the automatic shutdown, fill in the time you want to shutdown when left un-use

There its “0” and every 20 min its autoamtically lof off if its Idel.My system is AOS-CITRIX-Client .I doubt that this is from Citrix but i couldn’t find it .

You get to it through the user interface of AX. Path: Administration > Users > User options button > Automatic shutdown field. If set at 0, it will not auto-shutdown.

I set my value for Automatic shutdown at 65 minutes. It’s on the FastTab for Interface Options within User options.

If I forget to logoff, my session logs itself eventually without me. This helps to prevent complaining that people are leaving their sessions running during evenings and weekends. :-).