auto log out session

Hi all,

I’m new to development for NAV. I seen a post previously on how to make users log off automatically when idle. however I do not know how to implement it. where in the designer do I place my code?

does any1 know how i can do this?

thanks alot

If you could refer to the specific post (or even just ask your question in the same thread), then it would be easier to help you, as there exists a few different solutions to do what you want.

its in the thread called

User Auto log out

This one ? :

The solution was that you need to purchae either Expandit or autoclse idle for an automated scenario.

yes that one.

according to Thomas Brodkorb, we should be able to implement this with a developer licsense without the need for a 3rd party app.

Are you using Native or SQL ? DB Version?


If you are using Navision version older then 4.0 you can only kill idle sessions by setting using Expandit has referred by David. In later version you can kill session by deleting session in session virtual table.

I’m using Version 4.0 SP3.

I know u can kill a session manually. But can I automate this after a given idle time?

Create a codeunit to delete idle connections. Run that codeunit periodically using Navision Job Scheduler.

would u be able to provide more details on how to do that? thanks

You have virtual table 2000000009 – Sessions. That displays all connected sessions.
Create a codeunit to delete all sessions with your desired idle time.
Run that codeunit periodically using Job Scheduler.


I created a codeunit using session table. i have wriiten the code to delete the sessions of the user whose time limit is greater than 15 mins. But I dont know where to call this codeunit. Please help me. waiting for reply.

Hi Aditi,

First Install NAS then call the codeunit you created from Codeunit 1.

We use a product called Auto Close Idle Client that works awesome - you can set the time period, it will log people off who are idle longer than the time period. it also has an option to log off the most idle user if you happen to run out of licenses.