Kill Session For Idle User in AXapta 2009

How to Set Time For User Who Remains Idle For Few Minutes in Axapta 2009.

See in tools - options - Automatic Shutdown - specify time in minutes.

i was Actually Seeing that but Does it mean it will kill session whether idle or not.

Tried That it is not Working !!

The client will be closed automatically - if no processes are running on it.

Try to close the application and open it again. then it should work.

Hi Nirav,

It can be done by doing the setup in Adminstration Module

Go to

Administration —> Users —> Select the user —> then click the button UserOption button in the form

—> there you can find option Automatic Sutdown[Here you can metion it].


Good Day…

Kranthi and Naresh, It is Working now, You have to log off and Sign in again as Kranthi said to get Effects with Session Kill.

Hey But How to do it on the Group or all the user in the Organisation at one Shot as we have 500+ Employees.


You can make use of Fill Utility feature in AX - for mass update.

Hi Kranthi,

"The client will be closed automatically - if no processes are running on it.".

i am specifying 10 min for the automatic shut down . But am running a report which may take more than 20 this case my application will be closed automatically or not.


if you specifies timing 10min then it will automically shut down if your report execution goes beyound 10min. If report is running user will not allow to leave ax application leave idle. This is my epxeriance which I am facing.