Remove Online Users

Hello - I have been asked to manage Axapta recently, so I am a newby. We tend to run out of user licenses, and being that I cant logon to remove uers… what other options do I have. I am lucky in that I can generally just ask someone to get out of Axapta so I can close inactive sessions (our terminal server drops frequently). But, I would like a better solution if possible. Is there a way to remove active users at the SQL level? Or does Microsoft make a utility to do this? Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeremy

Jeremy, if you are using the Axapta Object Server (3-tier) you can disconnect online users from the system - if the users are connecting as 2-tier I don’t believe you have any options of disconnection users centrally. Regards, H. Jaeger Tectura (UK) Ltd.

Thanks for the feedback. What I really need to do though is be able to kick people out without having to get into Axapta. I know of the “online users” option in Administration and I use that when I can get in. But many times, the user accounts are all taken so I cant get that far to remove invalid sessions. I would assume there would be a sql table that holds this information and you could just go change a flag, but I have yet to figure it out. Thanks again for your assistance [:D]

Hello, We had the same problem, in the user settings there should be a timeout option, well it is there in 2.5 and better be there in 3. Anyway we set up all staff who constantly leave the Axapta Client open and not do anything to a 10 min timeout, after 10 min os inactivity in the client, it will close itself, freeing up the license [:D] Hope that Helps! Cyrus

Perfect!! Thanks so much for that suggestion. I see it in User Options Called “Automatic Shutdown” I am in the process of testing it right now, but I know that will solve the problem. I did have to buy 10 more user licenses anyway, but I will implement this on the trouble users right away. Thanks again!

Hi Jeremy, Even if you set up enabled ‘Automatic shutdown’ if maximum users are logged in, it won’t help much. But there might be a solution where it is possible to kill users who are logged in currently. Long time ago I saw a solution in good old Technet ([:(]) according to which it is possible to identify Axapta sessions in SQL Enterprise Manager. If my memory serves me right, this solution needs a combination of environment variable and a command line parameter. The only downside to this solution is - this will work only with 2-tier and AOS fat clients. Unfortunately now I am able to find this article any more. If you are interested and if you have access to Partnerguide, may be you can search there. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu