Service Management - Adjust Service Price (Nav 4.0 AP SP1)

Good day to you.

I am learning the Service Management. When I try the exercise for Adjust Service Price (page 167) in Chapter 6 - Service Price Management, I cannot manage to get the “Service Invoice Line Price Adjustment” window. The system prompts me “There are no Service Invoice Line to adjust”.

Is there any settings that I have miss out? Please advice.

Thank you very much for your time and advice.

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Adjust service price can be done if you have set code in the service price adjustment group table and then set code in the service price group table, then in each code, put the code you have set in the service price adjustment group table in the field service price adjustment group code field and define starting date in the its field there. then in the service order line, you must fill service price group code. I think you didn’t set the code of all the codes I mentioned above and place it in fields of the required table I also mentioned above.