Service Invoice Error. NAV 2018

Hi All,

While creating Service Invoice I am getting error.


When I debug, Line Discount % coming -28.23. Because Line Amount coming greater than Unit Price. Code is written on Line Amount - OnValidate.

Scenario is : Only one Invoice is created for this contract, that also reversed(credit note) partially(two credit notes).

Error is coming on third service ledger entry.

For other invoices its working fine.

What is wrong?

Thanks in Advance.


The errormessage is quite clear only discounts pcts between 0 and 100 are allowed and yours is negative. So the problem is your Unit Price/Line Amount.

If you cannot see what is wrong with the specific line yourself, then let us see the line so we can guide you.

Hi Palle,

Thanks for reply.

Below is the Service Contract Line. Please update if you need any extra info.

Service Item No. Description Unit of Measure Code Serial No. Item No. No. of Units Unit Price Margin % Response Time (Hours) Line Cost Line Value Line Discount % Line Amount Profit Service Period Next Planned Service Date Starting Date Contract Expiration Date Credit Memo Date New Line
SRV-00001 Level-1 Online Line 0 0 0 13,248.00 13,248.00 13,248.00 12M 29-07-2018 14-06-2018 13-06-2019 13-06-2019



Unit Price is zero on the screen provided - the Service Invoice Line is created as a funny mix of SRV-0001 and the Service Contract Line - so you must have a bad Unit Price somewhere.

Thanks Palle.