Acct / Inv question - Adjust Cost in Prior Periods

Hello Everyone - I have a distribution customer on Nav 4.0 SP1. When they sell an item and it goes negative (i.e. they have 0 on hand when they sell it) for example in Jan 2006, then when they close out Januaray and report their financials and close the period. Then they bring the item into inventory (via adjustment, purchase, transfer, etc.) in another period, for example in Feb 2006, when they run the Adjust Cost it goes back into the prior closed period (Jan 2006) and makes the adjusting / correcting entries for the exact correct cost. They brought this up as an issue because then their inventory number changes, although by normally not much, but they do not like this feature because then their financial numbers change, and they may have already given them to their bank, management team, etc, and it never looks good when someone checks later and their G/L numbers have changed in closed periods from what was previously reported. Obvioulsy the techincal answer is that it is doing it correctly and that the numbers should be restated - or to always have invnetory on hand before you sell things, but that sometimes isn’t practcial. I am wondering how other copmanies handle this and any other insights on this. Thx in Advance, Michael

I am not certain this is the same in the US version, but get them to check the “Allow posting from” setting in the General Ledger Setup. As with each version of Navision now released the Adjust Cost Item Entry routine has changed. In version 4.0 (don’t quote me on SP1) the adjust cost item entry routine first looks at the allow from posting in the general ledger setup file. If the necessary adjustment is before this date it posts as of the posting date of the routine, if it is after this date it posts at the appropriate date. So I would: 1. Check teh Allow Posting setting in the GL Setup 2. See what changes they have made to the adjust cost item posting routine in SP1.