Rounding Invoice fields

Hi ,

For example my invoice amount = 128.45.

So it should be round like this 128.00 $ like this

For Invoice rounding I done some setups.

Sales & receivalbles setup - > Invoice rounding = yes

Purchase & Payables setup - > Invoice rounding = yes

Finance Managemnt - > General ledger setup - >

Invoiceing rounding Prec ision = 1

Invoice Rounding Type = Nearest.

But I am not able to understand what I have to put the values in these fields In general Ledger setup.

Unit – Amount decimal Places =

Unit – Amount Rounding Precision =

Amount Rounding Precision =

Amount Decimal Places =

Can I know about these fields . what I values I need to Put top rounding the invoice.

Thanks and regards

OK, to stick with your example:

The difference between the fields you filled in already (and by my means correctly for the behavior you want to achieve) and the other fileds mentioned is:

Amount Rounding Precision: This regards ALL postings (G/L, item, etc) where the system rounds all amounts accordingly to this setting.
This means that you can have a different (smaller) rounding in the G/L than for the invoices issued.

The “Decimal Places” fields just change the optical interpretation of the value on the screen (i.e. 2:5 means shwow always 2 decimal places but if the value is more precise the system shows up to 5 decimal places, 2:2 means do always show two decimals even if the value is more precise)

“The Unit Amount rounding” is as the name says the rounding precisision used for all unit amounts (such as Direct Unit Cost and Unit Price). Usually the precision for unit amounts is higher (0.00001) than for amounts (0.01).

So to stick with your example:

(Lets imagine you have entered 0.01 into the Amount Rounding Precision)

When the system is forced to round the invoice down to 128, something needs to happen with the 0.45. These cannot just dissappear. So the system creates an additional line in the invoice (order, etc.) to reflect the difference between total amount and rounded total amount of the invoice. The system create a “G/L Account” line using the “Invoice Rounding Account” of the “Customer Posting Group” the customer is assigned to.

The same is of course valid for the purchase side where the “Invoice Rounding Account” field is located in the “Vendor Posting Group” table.