setting up invoice rounding precision


i am having a problem on chnging invoice rounding precision on general ledger setup. i cannot change it to 0.01, but i believe i have no transactions posted.

please help and let me know if i can still do something about it

What is the error message you’re getting when trying to change it?

Hi Erik,

I figure it out already. Now I have another question, I post a Purchase Invoice with Direct Unit Cost of 4.2969 for Item A. Then When i checked the Unit cost on item card it shows 4.00 only. I am having discrepancy on rounding off. Do you think it will cause me problem on my Unit cost? What will I do?

What happens when you run ACIE?

Hi Excerpt Navvy, two things:


If you resolve an issue, please explain how so as to help the next person.


If you have a new question start a new thread. The message will just get lost in this one.